I have had the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for a variety of courses during my time at Johns Hopkins University. I was promoted to Apprentice Teaching Fellow in January 2019 and to AMS Teaching Fellow in January 2020. Some of the slides and other resources that I have developed for teaching are available to view in this repository.

Johns Hopkins University

AMS Teaching Fellow:

Course Number Course Name Semester
EN.540.301 Kinetic Processes Spring 2022
EN.540.301 Kinetic Processes Spring 2021
EN.540.668 Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Fall 2020
EN.540.301 Kinetic Processes Spring 2020

Apprentice Teaching Fellow:

Course Number Course Name Semester
EN.553.391 Dynamical Systems Fall 2019
EN.540.409 Dynamic Modeling and Control Spring 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant:

Course Number Course Name Semester
EN.553.761 Nonlinear Optimization I Fall 2018
EN.553.111 Statistical Analysis I Spring 2018
EN.553.171 Discrete Mathematics Spring 2018
EN.553.310 Probability and Statistics for the Physical Sciences Fall 2017
EN.553.291 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Fall 2017

University of Maryland

Omega Chi Epsilon Tutor:

Course Number Course Name Semester
CHBE 424 Chemical Engineering Transport Phenomena II Spring 2017
CHBE 422 Chemical Engineering Transport Phenomena I Fall 2016
CHBE 302 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II Spring 2016
CHBE 250 Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering Fall 2015